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Alexis Corey

From £150/gig

London, Greater London

0 reviews

Alexis Corey is a dynamic and powerful vocalist and songwriter from New York City. She currently resides in London and travels the world and country sharing her music as well as hope and awareness to others who have shared suffering from addiction and mental health issues. She has performed music professionally since early childhood, however, at a young age experienced extreme life altering events which caused her to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with life at a very young age. This led her to a significant amount of demoralization and prevented her from truly being able to pursue her music career. What inspires her music today is the healing of her own soul and transmitting the same healing, joy and pure entertainment to other human beings. She is now in the business of creating healing through musical entertainment to transform the hearts and minds of others. The idea that we may transform and live a purposeful, meaningful and impactful life by design, which by default impacts the lives of others, is what drives her to create and evolve. It is pure alchemy. She is able to best share this through the gift of music and songwriting which she is eternally grateful for. Alexis provides an experience of the present moment that is not to be forgotten, warms your heart and inspires you to believe in yourself and the possibilities that are limitless always within your reach! She wants people to connect with their souls through her music and know they are not alone. She desires human beings to connect to each other across all different genders, races, sexual preferences,backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses and any other imaginary labels we as a collective humanity have created. The true purpose of music and healing is to foster connection and community to enable all to lead a joyous life filled with abundance and happiness.

Acoustic Covers Jazz Pop Soul

EQ Studios

From £150/gig


0 reviews

Official Jamma Brand Partner: A new boutique recording studio situated in the heart of Berkshire.. EQ Studios’ in Berkshire and have so far been 2 years in planning and 9 months in building and is shortly to open in November 2020. It is a fully soundproofed custom built 2 floor mezzanine unit with custom desk, acoustics absorbers, ceiling clouds and bass traps to give the engineer and artists the highest quality recordings available. In the control room on the desk we have an SSL SiX mini desk connected through 2 x Apollo Interfaces and 2 patch bays connecting analogue outboard units such as the Vintage UAD 1176 compressor, Pultec EQA, Dangerous 2 Bus Plus, Dangerous analogue compressor, neve mic preamp plus many other features including the UAD Ultimate UAD-2 package. Sound is provided by the impressive pair of Dynaudio Core 46 Studio monitors and a pair of Adam A7X nearfield monitors. Visuals are supplied on a pair of Apple Retina displays, and synth wise we have the inimitable Dave Smith Prophet 10 and a Roland system 8, MX-1, TR8-S and SE02 modular aira linked boutique setup. The control room also has a soundproofed and basstrapped Vocal booth where we use our range of vocal microphones such as the prolific Neuman condenser mics, SM57’s to name but a handful, the vocal booth and the upstairs mezzanine live room are all connectedvia high quality snakes to allow easy and fluid connection. The studio has been built to Provide the best of analogue and digital to provide the most discerning engineer the very Best tech and sound within the industry, a fusion that is unique to EQ thus making it a formidable studio to be reckoned with. In short, EQ Studios is a sonic powerhouse that looking to be making very large waves through the music industry very soon

Acoustic Contemporary R&B Pop Rock Soul

Customer reviews

I met the Jamma crew at a gig in Manchester, and after getting to know them was invited to be the regional 'Jambassador' for Essex, UK. As an artist it's been great and they really helped me to push my latest single. As a 'Jambassador; they sent me a ton of free merch and personalised business cards and pay for me to check out gigs in my region to sign up artists and venues! I also was invited to perform on their professionally filmed podcast series, 'The Jamma Show' which was not only great fun but also a great way to get my music out to my fans!

Jay Bellamy

We have recently signed up to Jamma and love that we can have a dedicated page for our band and also individual pages allowing us to advertise ourselves for solo work and showcase our material as a group and as separate band members. It's also great to be able to find potential new band members and stand in DEP musicians as and when we need them

The Crooked 45

I registered with Jamma before the launch and I was lucky enough to perform at their '331' launch event. Since going live I have used the website to build an artist page and upload all my content as well as connect to find paid gigs! It's super easy to use and they have always been there to support me whenever needed. Not only have I found paid work, but I have also been featured on podcasts and various special marketing projects which have been great for exposure, especially in these uncertain times. Jamma also takes 0% commission on anything I earn through the platform, and it's even free to use right now!

Crystal Harris


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