Finding a Fellow Artist to Jam With: How Jamma Help You Collaborate

News and blog News Finding a Fellow Artist to Jam With: How Jamma Help You Collaborate

In our latest blog post, we talk all about how Jamma can be the perfect place to help you find fellow independent artists to find and collaborate with.

Did you know that Jamma isn't only a great tool to find paid gigs, but a way to connect with other independent artists who are open to collaborating? With our Artist Collaboration tool, you can reach out directly to other artists - from DJs, singers, musicians and more!

These results can then be filtered by entering your desired location as well as a radius in miles, helping you to find the perfect collaborative partner in a convenient location. Pretty great, right?

Why not use our

The Artist Collaboration tool isn’t the only way in which we can help you to find collaborative opportunities. On our Job Board , we’ve helped many artists find others to work with by posting collaborative job opportunities. This casts the net wider, and allows many Jamma Artists to find you and to directly apply. Or to pass it on to others who may be more suited to your opportunity!

This is perhaps the method that we recommend, for the simple reason that it gets your message out directly to a number of different artists. As a pro-artist platform, we at Jamma want to help you gain as much exposure as possible. And building relationships with fellow artists is a great way to do this.

So, if you’re ready to collaborate with a fellow Jamma Artist, log on now to use our Artist Collaboration tool or our Job Board . There are plenty of artists out there as excited as you, and there’s no time like the present.

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