Jamma vs the World: Why Jamma Is Unlike Any Other Artist Platform Out There

News and blog News Jamma vs the World: Why Jamma Is Unlike Any Other Artist Platform Out There

With over 30 combined experience in the music industry, we know the struggles of independent artists trying to succeed in the music industry. Firstly there’s the difficulty of getting your name out there and your face known. Then, there’s the issue of getting a booking agreed and details finalised. Even once the gig is done, payments may take weeks to come in, or not come in at all, leaving you out of pocket. You’ve tried using emails, you’ve tried social media, and maybe you’ve finally decided to just use WhatsApp to manage your bookings. So what’s the use in trying something new when it won't be any different?

What if we could give you a platform that is different. A platform that cares about artists like you and is changing the industry.

We created Jamma to help independent artists become more successful by giving them exposure to new audiences, providing more physical and digital gig opportunities and helping them to earn the money they deserve. Jamma is different to other platforms, and here’s why:

1. Using Social Media Groups

Social media has been instrumental in the rise of independent artists, giving them more reach than ever before. Facebook, in particular, has become an extremely popular platform for both artists looking for work, and venues and the public looking for artists, and while that might seem like a positive, it has now become so popular that Facebook groups are becoming flooded with artists looking for work and posts often get lost.

Facebook is somewhat limited in the service it provides for artists, and while it does offer a messaging service, there are no further benefits to this, such as an option to form a digital agreement or a formal booking and payment process, such as that offered by Jamma. Artists and venues must therefore both rely on trust with one another, which often is just not enough, leaving artists waiting weeks for payment, or worse, not getting paid at all.

The problems with using Facebook:

2. Using Whatsapp/Chat Services

Another popular way for artists to connect, discuss and confirm gigs is through messaging services, such as Whatsapp. Again, this comes with similar issues such as there being no option for a formal booking or payment agreements and the fact that lots of additional streams are needed to complete the booking process from start to finish, including researching the artist, email contact, separate payment processing / invoicing.

The main issues with using chat services:

3. Using Email/Spreadsheets

The final option that we see time and time again for artist bookings is relying on emails and spreadsheets to book artists and manage event bookings. Very quickly this can become difficult to track and organise, causing countless issues. With no centralised place to manage all bookings and requirements, venues, organisers and artists may find it hard to keep track of events and details, and the lack of secure booking and payment processing may lead to payments being made incorrectly or late.

The disadvantages of using emails and spreadsheets:

The Solution: Jamma

It is these issues that led us to create Jamma - the ultimate solution for artist discovery, networking and bookings. No longer do artists have to struggle to be seen or for their work posts to go unnoticed. No longer do artists, venues, event organisers, or the public, have to worry about payment processing or organising booking details. Our pro-artist platform is a place where all communication, enquiries, bookings, payments, reviews and more can be handled in one place - securely and easily!

Jamma comes with a ton of benefits including a dedicated job board where artists can find work, collaborate with others, and post their availability. We also host exclusive opportunities, such as the chance to perform at JammaLIVE! events & venue partnerships, networking events, podcast series, discounted recording studio sessions - and much, much more.

We want to help independent artists and we believe Jamma is revolutionising the music industry - so join the artist revolution and get workin’ smarter and Jammin’ harder!

Benefits of Jamma compared to other platforms:

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