Jamma’s Pro-Artist Pricing Structure

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Jamma helps independent artists become more successful by giving them exposure to new audiences, providing more physical and digital gig opportunities and helping them to earn the money they deserve.

We believe artists should be paid 100% of their hard-earned money, so this is how we are helping artists:

Sign Up to Jamma as an Artist for Free!

Jamma is totally free to sign up to! As the fastest growing platform for independent musicians, we want to give everyone the opportunity to get on board! Therefore, it is totally free to sign up to Jamma as an artist and start building your artist page!

Don’t Pay Until You Play

Our ‘Don’t Pay Until You Play’ sign up offer means that as an artist, you can secure your first collaboration or live gig for free! This allows you to try out Jamma and see why we are the best upcoming platform for independent artists, before joining as a full member.

Join as a Member

Artist membership is as little as £6.99 a month, which gives you full access to Jamma! Jamma members have the ability to create their own artist pages to showcase music, live performances and more, making them searchable and bookable by members of the public, venues and event organisers.

We Operate a 0% Commission Model

Our 0% commission model means that artists take home 100% of the earnings they make. Jamma artists also benefit from the security of a fully secure payment processing system and digital agreement booking system, making getting booked safer and easier. No more waiting to get paid after a gig, or worse, not getting paid at all!

How Are Payments Managed?

All payments are managed within Jamma through our payment provider, Stripe. Artists are required to create a free stripe account at the time of their first enquiry in order to receive payments into their bank accounts through the platform.

What About if I Am a Member of the Public, an Event Organiser or a Venue?

Jamma is completely FREE for public users to browse, book and Jam with artists through Jamma! If you book a Jamma artist, a 10% service fee will be added, chargeable to the booker, not the artist. We help the public to support independent artists by booking them directly, ensuring that every penny they pay for their gig ends up in the performer’s pocket!

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