What is a Jambassador & Why Should You Become One?

Tue Feb 09 2021

Free lifetime membership to Jamma, access to gigs as a performer and as a spectator, and great networking opportunities: discover what our Jambassador programme could offer you. 

The music industry can be a tough gig; often juggling a nine-to-five job, studio time and live performances, amongst other things. And to top it all off, you have to dig into your own pockets to promote your music! This got us thinking about how we can support artists to find more time and spend less money getting heard - which is how our awesome Jamma website came into existence.

But Jamma is about more than our website: we also support artists through our Jambassador programme. By getting involved and becoming a Jambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to attend and perform at Jamma events and be one of the first to make the most of all the perks on offer - and you get free lifetime membership to Jamma.

What is a Jambassador?

A Jambassador is typically an artist or a music lover who believes in Jamma’s ethos and brand. They are responsible for a particular location - normally their local area - and their job is to check out live gigs with the aim of signing up artists and venues. This also helps them to grow their own network of local artists, bands, venues and brands, which is extremely beneficial if they are an artist themselves. 

Ultimately, the role of a Jambassador is simple: to spread the word of Jamma as we continue to build the brand and support the music industry. The more you share, the more we’ll reward you!

The roles and responsibilities of a Jambassador

  • Spread the word - We’re sure you’ve got a strong social following behind you; so whether you want to Tweet about it, upload photos to Instagram, share posts on Facebook, or do a mixture of all three, that’s cool with us!

  • Refer your friends - Referrals through our site are a great way to help build our brand. They also allow you to share a link with other artists and your friends - giving them the possibility of becoming a Jambassador also or earn free time on Jamma as an artist or music lover.

  • Keep us in the loop - We all learn from our mistakes. That’s why we want to hear your feedback about your experience of the full Jamma platform when it launches this July, so we can create the best possible place for artists to work smarter and Jam harder!

  • Get out there - The next time you attend a gig or event in your local area, don’t forget to chuck on your free Jamma merchandise to help promote the brand!

Like what you hear? Get in touch with us at [email protected] and become one of our Jambassadors.