Teaser: Take a Sneak Peek at Our New Website

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Making it easier for you to find gigs and be successful as an independent artist, and making it simple for the public, promoters and venues to book you, Jamma Reloaded is going to change the game. 

Coronavirus regulations ending is only the second-most exciting thing happening this summer. Our new website, Jamma Reloaded, is going live, offering artists & the public so much more functionality and opportunity. It delivers even more ways to help independent artists to find gigs and find other artists to collaborate with, while making booking independent artists simple for promoters, venues and the public. 

We’re so excited about it that we could wax lyrical for ages, but we’re trying to keep it a bit hush-hush. So, here is your first teaser!

Our New Homepage

Welcome to the artist revolution. Our new homepage takes all the stress out of booking artists and finding other artists to collaborate with. And, as an added bonus, it looks pretty awesome. 

You can search by genre, occasion, type of musician, and add in a location and radius to help you find local artists. Be matched with the perfect Jamma artist for you - even quicker than Tinder. 

Our Artist Collaboration Page

Everything we do is geared towards helping independent artists to be successful while making their own decisions and staying in control of their career. And part of that mission is helping artists to find each other and collaborate - whether it be for a track, a gig, a tour, a festival or just for fun. Artists signed by labels often don’t have control over who they work with, but we think it is an incredibly important part of having ownership over your music and your sound.

So, our artist collaboration page allows you to search for an artist you would like to work with. You can search by keywords like drummer, producer, singer, DJ, sound technician, indie band - whatever suits you best. As with our homepage, you can also search by location and radius so that you can find someone local, or maybe someone local to an event you are performing at. Easy.

More coming soon…

So, that’s your first preview and teaser of Jamma Reloaded. There are so many incredible new features to come, which we’ll be showing you soon. Watch this space!

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