Readipop Festival 2020

Fri Jan 17 2020


Established in 1998, Readipop is an innovative music and arts charity with a strong reputation for inspirational, engaging arts projects that make a positive difference in people’s lives

Readipop are passionate about the power of music to communicate and bring people together. Their work celebrates the joy of creativity and community as vital to a fulfilled life.

Readipop provide access to music for vulnerable young people from hard-to-reach areas, including young offenders, the long-term unemployed, Special Educational Needs students, individuals from pupil referral units, and those who are not able to access conventional education. Our music leaders empower young people to learn and improve their music skills; helping them gain confidence in their chosen area and achieve their own goals while improving their emotional and social wellbeing.

Alongside this work, Readipop run and support a number of community bands supporting all Reading’s communities, provide music education to thousands of schoolchildren, and a development programme to help under-represented local artists thrive in the music industry.

If you are interested in working with Readipop Charity & Festival, please contact the team on [email protected]