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Take a read of what Jamma blog partner Kiss of Beth's had to say about out "331" live launch event on 01.02.20.

"Welcome back home slices,

Tonight I am covering the recent 331 live launch event from the darlings over at Jamma. Below I talk about each venue and artist. I also talk about what Jamma is and what they do as a company.

I was also lucky enough to cover the night as the event photographer so below is some of the images that I caught on the evening. I am very talented, even if I do say so myself.

Jamma was created as a continuation of the foundations laid by musical genius, pioneer and freedom fighter Prince. He fought the music industry to realise complete artistic freedom and creative control. We wanted to build on this to create a platform that is committed to (genuinely) helping independent artists to progress and grow… together.

In an industry overrun by corporate control and dominated by major labels; more and more artists are committing to going the independent route. This is to achieve control of every aspect of their artistry. The independent music scene now accounts for 39% (as of 2017) market share. A platform such as Jamma is essential to help the existing and future generations of artists connect, grow, earn and more importantly… keep Jammin’!

The aim of Jamma is to make independent artists lives a little easier; enabling them to Work Smarter & Jam Harder !

The Ven ues:

Fifty Six

Fifty Six hosted part one of the 331 launch events. One of my favourite places in Wokingham that I simply do not frequent enough. Fifty Six serves you the feeling of walking into your front room with some of the best cocktails you could dream up.

With friendly staff making you feel welcome, you can’t help but sink into the convivial vibes of Fifty Six. The lighting and the nooks you can sit in bring a feeling of intimacy that is so often missing from venues these days. This is the kind of place you’d sit with a loved one, spend an afternoon with a bottle of good wine and just be in each others company.

Beyond The Download

Hosting part two of the live events, Beyond The Download. Beyond The Download is a sick music shop in Wokingham that puts on live music. They are DIY music store who are bringing the old school vibe. This small but fierce store gives an intimate and intense setting. You’re close to everyone, everyone is feeling the same electricity as you.

This place is honestly cool as fuck. I can’t wait to potter in here when it’s pulled back to its usual shop like uniformity and pick me up some tasty vinyl treats.

You can check them out on Facebook here , their website here and Instagram here .

The Redan

Hosting part three of the evening is The Redan. Now this place is the shit. I can regularly be found here terrorising the bar staff or warming my ass on the heated seats out in the beer garden.

Sickening cocktails, some of the nicest bar staff you’ll ever come across and forever throwing up emo/pop punk playlists to suit any taste – there’s a reason it’s a firm favourite with most in Wokingham. I know it’s my preferred place to be on a Friday / Saturday night.

I will be completely honest and say I love this place. I’ve met some of the best people via being in this venue. I’ve forged some life long friendships with both patrons and staff alike.

I’ve also heard whisperings that they may be putting on a retro game night, so it’s certainly worth keeping an eye our for that.

The Artists:

Will Perdue

My darling, my love. The one and only Will Perdue. I was made aware fairly last minute that the wonderful Will would be playing the 331 launch evening.

It always warms my heart hearing the soulful tones of Will blasting in my ear holes. This evening was certainly no exception. Will has this certain talent of singing to you as if you’re the only person in the room. His voice is hauntingly beautiful.

Gary Millard

What can I say about the wonderful Gary Millard, bar the fact he knows how to fill my heart with love and make me cry all at the same magical time. I’ve never photographed an event and wanted to cry my heart out because someone sang so beautifully before. That’s a whole first for me.

Gary has this incredible talent that you can’t help but fall in love with everything he does and every bar he sings. I will support Gary in any musical project he happens to find himself in because I know it will be amazing .


This darling girl has the voice of what can only be described as an angel. A pure talent and one of the most lovely humans to match. She blew everyone away with her intense vocal talent.

She may be small but she is mighty. An obvious choice for the launch night. People were captivated by her heart warming and tempestuous music. Her original music causes even the strongest man to take a breath and listen.


Adding a completely different vibe to the evening; Lively stormed the stage commanding attention and he certainly received it. Starting his set talking openly and honestly about his struggles with mental health, he credits Wokingham Boxing Club as a reason for his current more stable mental health.

Clearly very talented, Lively certainly knows how to work a crowd and write some beautifully intense lyrics.

Marva King

Not having a clue what I was in store for here, Marva King came in and blew me away . I actively avoided listening to her prior to the event so I could write an honest review and damn, this woman knows how to put on a show.

From an amazing costume, out of this world vocals and being led around on stage on a leash with a light up ball gag… Marva King certainly knows how to wow a crowd.

Her voice utterly blew me away. This woman has such an insane vocal range that I was full on shooketh. I was shook. Snatch my wig ma’am because I am shook.

The whole crowd was incredibly into Marva and every high, low and slow note. The crowd eating up everything she threw at them.

This woman is incredibly talented and if you ever get the chance to see her live, I suggest you do.

For more information on the performing artists of if you are interested in performing at the venues mentioned, contact the team at [email protected]


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