Jamma Presents - 'The Everyman, Everyjam!'

Fri Dec 04 2020

Jamma put their artists on the big screen through the launch of a national partnership with The Everyman Cinema Group!

The Everyman, Everyjam!

The Concept

Jamma is all about putting the artist front and centre, that’s why we have teamed up with our friends at Everyman cinemas to launch ‘The Everyman, Everyjam!’ - a concept event that puts Jamma artists on the big screen and helps blow them up across the entire county!

The ‘Everyman. Everyjam’ launched at Everyman Cinema, Wokingham on 4th Nov’ 2020 and gave 3 Jamma solo artists and a full band band the opportunity to record a professionally shot and edited performance at Generation Studios (one of our studio partners in Maidenhead, UK) which was then played to a sold out crowd on the big screen at ‘The Everyman, Everyjam!’ - cool eh?!

Think about it, we hit the nail on the head with this one... with ‘The Everyjam’ we are giving Jamma artists the ability to perform (and get paid), while working with partner studios at a discounted rate AND then giving everyone involved national exposure through big screen concerts across the UK under The Everyman brand - now THAT’s Jamma people!

The Cinema’s

Fancy dinner and a bottle of wine while you sit in a lounge style environment and watch a movie? Or maybe even one of Jamma’s own branded ‘Jammatini’ cocktails created by brand partner ‘Tin & Glass Events’ (www.tinandglass.co.uk) No problem! - you can at Everyman Cinemas.

These guys are super cool and currently have 39 cinema’s with multiple screens all across the UK and we love the vibe… seeing an artist on the big screen at one of their venues is like being at a live jam, and don’t even get us started on how good their sound is, wow!

Check them out if you haven’t already and make sure you get yourself down to the next ‘Everyjam’ to party with us and check out some of the best UK talent.

Pre-drinks before 'The Everyman, Everyjam!'

The Artists

We want to provide something for everyone at ‘The Everyjam’s’ - be it covers, or original tracks we make sure each concert is perfectly designed to cover a range of genres and styles. From classic rock to folk, from soul to RnB, we got you covered!

The idea is that each event features local artists, studios and brand partners - which not only helps the artists dominate in their region, but also helps local economies and communities to thrive.

With the launch event being in Wokingham, we invited local artists to apply to be a part of this landmark jam, and we are super proud to have featured these epic artists:

Mike Wagner

Hailing from South Africa, and currently living in Reading, Mike opened the show with some classic cover’s of legendary artists such as Coldplay, The Foo Fighters and Oasis, which had the crowd singing along in no time.

Mike is a singer-songwriter who is inspired by life, faith and people. Creating sounds that attempt to resonate with what it is to be human, and then give hope to anyone that hears them. You are loved.

Chloe Leigh

Next up was regional ‘Jambassador’ for Brighton who we met in Reading. Chloe’s voice will have you melting and she wowed the crowd with covers of Leonard Cohen, a Shakira mash-up and her unique version of ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ by Franie Valli. Since the performance, she has even been booked to perform at one of the Everyjam guest’s weddings.

Chloe started gigging around the capital at a young age and has now played a range of iconic festivals and venues across the country, including Glastonbury Festival, 2000 Trees Festival, Camden’s Roundhouse and now, of course, Everyman Cinema!

Jay Bellamy

Jay is the regional ‘Jambassador’ for Essex, and we met him at a music convention up in Manchester earlier this year, right before lockdown 1.0.

Jay got the crowd moving with an RnB & garage mashup featuring a load of his favourite old skool’ artists, and he also featured as co-presenter on ‘The Jamma Show’, another exciting project coming in 2021 through Jamma (stay tuned for more on that!).

Jay is a singer-songwriter and guitarist,who performs live acoustic covers and original songs.

Mother Vulture

Like to rock out? These are the guys for you! We first met this group after their freaking epic performance at a BBC Introducing gig at The Purple Turtle, Reading back in 2019. (www.https://www.purpleturtlebar.com/reading) back in 2019 and they totally blew us away.

Mother Vulture wrapped up the show with a handful of original tracks, including their new single, ‘Prudence’ and oh my days did they blow the roof off! Being the only full band to perform during the show, they certainly didn't disappoint…

Jumping off speakers, humping the floor and a pint sized lead singer with a voice that can only be described as a cross between Axel Rose meets AC/DC, these guys are not to be missed!

The Roll Out

So what next we hear you cry? Well fear not music lovers… We are currently in the planning stage of rolling out ‘The Everyman, Everyjam!’ across the entire the UK, giving artists the ability to smash it across the country through Jamma and the possibility for anyone to check out, and be a part of ‘The Everyjam!’

From London to Glasgow, we got you covered… in these uncertain times, it's sooo essential that platforms such as Jamma continue to be innovative and remain progressive, and what better way to do it than this?!

Interested in performing at an Everyjam in the future? Drop us a line at letsjam@jammamusic.com

Until next time…

Keep Jammin’.