Jamma Out Loud: 'The Lockdown Sessions: Episode 9 - Jamma Unwrapped!

Tue Jun 09 2020

The 'Jamma Out Loud!' podcast series presents...

'The Lockdown Sessions: Episode 9 - Jamma Unwrapped!

Bonjour, Guten Tag, and Howdie you gorgeous creative people,

This week we’ve REMIXEDDD our Lockdown sessions podcast and flipped things on its head for episode 9.

Welcome to Jamma Unwrapped: Liv and Britt, our Marketing duo have Nathan Fullbrook, Cofounder of Jamma in the hot seat to give you a deep insight to the team, concept, and burning passion behind the J!

Nathan discusses why he believes the independent artists are the leading creatives of our day and how Jamma are adapting to offer alternative features for virtual Jams.

Warning: This podcast contains traces of TEA, and large doses of banter 😉

Take a look at the video version of the interview over at http://tinyurl.com/ybh2aoq6

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