Jamma Out Loud: 'The Lockdown Sessions: Episode 13 - Generation Studio, get 25% OFF!

Mon Jul 20 2020

Hello again music lovers, how are you doing? We got off to a fantastic week with the incredible weather, makes all the difference. So if you’re vibing outside whilst working from home, or taking some well deserved time out for yourself today, our short and sweet podcast this week will be the perfect companion!

Big shoutout to Dean Nelson for taking the hot seat on this episode - producer, engineer and owner of Generation Studio in Maidenhead, talking about his studio spaceand some of the artists he has worked with. We’ve used Dean’s services personally, so we can vouch for his expertise. Soooo, that’s why we’ve gone and got you a cheeky 25% discount to use for your studio time so you can experience it for yourselves.

If the sound of this deal tickles your fancy, please drop us a message either on our socials or [email protected] In the meantime,

we hope you enjoy this weeks video! Peace out