Jamma Out Loud: 'The Lockdown Sessions: Episode 10 - Jamma, Back to Basics!

Tue Jun 16 2020

The 'Jamma Out Loud!' podcast series presents...

'The Lockdown Sessions: Episode 10 - Jamma, Back to Basics!

People of the world! It’s Tuesday! Y'all know what that means…

We are releasing a new Lockdown session podcast, and this week we are hitting double digits *celebratory dance* with Episode 10 now available to stream.

Seeming as we had great feedback on our Jamma all-stars team podcast last week, we have brought our girls, Liv and Britt and Nathan back to expand on last week’s discussion and show you all the websites sign up process and really how easy (and free) it is to become a Jamma Rockstar.

Nathan leads us on a guided tour of some of the functionality and features of our website, designed for YOU. Our independent artist feedback is helping us to optimize our platform so that we can provide you the best service so that you can connect with other artists, expand your network and Jam whilst livin’ your best life.

Take a listen below or check out the video version over at http://bit.ly/3fz8RDR and as always we welcome and questions or suggestions! You can get in touch with us at [email protected]