How to Make Sure Your Studio Recording Session is a Success

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Jamma brand partner Generation Studio has provided us with their top tips for making sure that your recording session goes well, so you don’t waste time or money. 

Reading-based recording studio Generation Studio are headed up by the super-talented Dean Nelson. He has helped a number of Jamma artists to record their new singles or albums, including the likes of Mike Wagner and Jay Bellamy. As a Jamma partner, they offer 25% off all recording sessions to members of Jamma, making it easier and more affordable to get the top-quality sound you’re looking for. 

But great equipment and a great studio aren’t everything. There are a few things that you can do as an artist to make sure that you’re prepared for an awesome session when you do come to record your new material. After all, when you’ve worked so hard to create a track you want to do it justice in the studio. 

1. Have a plan and get prepared!

Change your old guitar strings, replace worn drum heads and bring enough picks and sticks as you may need. It sounds silly, but they make a big difference to the sound quality of your guitar or drums. Make sure you know how the record session is going to pan out - are you recording drums first or any guide tracks for the band to record along with? This will help make sure everyone is ready when they need to be and not waste any time during the recording session.

2. Practise your parts to a click track or metronome beforehand

Recording with a click track is an essential part of modern recording workflow to keep everyone in time, and practising this way will make sure you know your part and help you record the perfect take!

3. Bring reference tracks

Help the producer or engineer you are working with understand the vision of your music by getting together a few reference tracks that have elements that you'd like to take inspiration from for the final track. This will help get you all on the same page and help get the track to sound exactly how you want it to.

4. Don't waste too much time being excited by the experience.

You can still enjoy the process and have a great time in the studio, just don’t lose focus! Not every guitar riff is good on the first take and you have to be prepared to do things over and over again to get it right. Don't worry too much about that, you will have time to record these multiple takes, and can take breaks when the engineer is doing ‘engineer’s stuff’. Creating a relaxed positive environment in the studio can make you play notes you didn't even know how to play before and give you a boost of creativity.

We hope you manage to take some of these tips into your next recording session. Feel ready to book your next one now? Head to Generation Studio’s website here.

Not a Jamma artist yet? Want to access 25% off all recording sessions with Generation Studio and so many more great benefits? Sign up here.

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