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Ever wonder what happens when you put some phenomenally talented musicians together? Well, either they all contradict each other’s creations and just fade away or something wonderful happens and you get an amazing music band like Hamartia.

This solid alternative rock band is made up of four souls who have dedicated their lives to music. With incredible rock music that will get you all up and charged, they have mastered the art of creating rocking melodies by combining their creative talents.

This fiery four-piece will get your blood rushing and hearts beating to the rhythm of their sensationally awesome music. Alternative rock music now has a new pioneer!

Originally hailing from the heart of Cornwall, the inception of Hamartia was in 2015. Since then, they have relocated to Bristol and undergone several member changes, finally making them a dynamic and perfect fusion of spectacular and talented musicians. Rock music has the power to express feelings and emotions through energy fueled, groovy and solid music and Hamartia has nailed this art.

They paint the atmosphere with their amazing riffs and superb guitar playing, creating an intense and unique experience. Their music will set your soul on fire and will ignite that spark inside you. Always on the look-out for opportunities to entice young ears with their loud, angst-filled music, we can say that they are definitely a crowd favourite!

One of their heavy and solid track called ‘One More Bite’ is a perfect blend of high energy melodious vocals and electrifying guitar playing that will get you pumped and on your toes! Featuring spacey reverb-drenched guitar work, powerful-distinctive vocals, and a drummer that ventures from blast beat to four to floor grooves, Hamartia brazenly fuse elements from all across the musical spectrum creating truly spectacular music.

With unique concept music and stellar performances, we believe that Hamartia’s music packs energy, zeal, and vibrancy that will set the stage on fire! Armed with crazily talented musicians, this band is definitely on its way to the top.

Delivering a stellar and hard-hitting version of alternative rock music, Hamartia excludes originality through their uniquely catchy creations that emit passionate energy and inspiring melodies, creating a zesty and energetic vibe. With their heavy rock and vicious music, this band has been creating some power-packed music that inspires, energizes, and drives its listeners.

Hamartia and its members are filled with love for music and a passion to deliver stellar melodies, always on the grind and honing their skills. So go ahead and experience their energy-fueled amazing music and ignite that spark in your soul!

Check out Hamartia’s amazing track ‘One More Bite’ here
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