Everyman Everyjam Could Be Coming to a Cinema Near You

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We’re hoping to bring our virtual concert, our Everyman Everyjam event, to more Everyman cinemas this year after our successful launch in Wokingham. 

We’re hoping you won’t be missing live music for much longer! We should be bringing our Everyman Everyjam event to even more venues this year, giving more independent artists a chance to perform again, and giving the public a chance to enjoy their long-awaited return to gigs in cosy surroundings and with a cocktail (or few) in hand. 

We’ve already brought Everyjam to Wokingham, but we’re hoping it should pop up in five new locations this year: Chelsea, Esham, Kings Cross, Winchester and Baker Street. 

When will Everyman Everyjam be back?

Don’t we wish we knew! We can’t predict how this year will pan out, but we’re doing everything we can to be ready right away when cinemas are back in action. We’ve already started looking at recording the next show, with a whole new set of artists. You could even be seeing Jamma events in open-air cinemas such as Vision Cinemas in London, getting us one step closer to live music. 

What we do know is that we’re really pumped to be able to continue offering this amazing opportunity to our artists. It gives them the chance to be a part of sold-out shows at a national franchise, even before restrictions are completely lifted. Paid gigs like this right now are a huge deal, and Everyjam is also an amazing opportunity for some great exposure, which could secure you paid gigs in the future. Our artists from the first Everyman Everyjam event - Mike Wagner, Chloe Leigh, Jay Bellamy & Mother Vulture - absolutely smashed it and had a great experience, and we’re excited for even more Jamma artists to get the chance to perform. 

Follow our socials - Instagram, Facebook & Twitter - to keep updated with our Everyman Everyjam events. In the meantime, check out our podcast to hear us chatting to Mike Wagner about his performance at the first event, or read our blog post to find out more about how and why we started the Everyjam event, what you missed at our first event, and to get a taste of what you can expect from the next one. 

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