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Edge Of Desire - A Sensational New Music Band

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Music is the strongest form of magic, it holds the power to spread hope, positivity, and create a blissful vibe. Edge Of Desire is one such upcoming indie band whose music will truly amaze you with their magical and mesmerizing creations

Their music is a perfect blend of pop and rock, with a melodious fusion of the guitar. With vocals that will take you away in a whole new dimension of pure melody and high rock energy, their songs will leave you addicted to their music. Music is to the soul what words are to the mind, and this incredible band has some phenomenal music that will get you all up and charged, syncing your body to the rhythm of their punchy music.

Hailing from Guilford, this indie music band consists of two dedicated and passionate artists; Dan Fraser and Caleb Hartley. This duo has been creating a buzz in the poprock music genre with their fantastic creations. Combined with the melodious voice of Dan Fraser and the superb music from the bass guitarist Caleb Hartley, they create music that will definitely get you hooked.

The way they combine powerful and peppy rock vibes with soulful pop is something truly new and unique. Their music has high energy and a fresh vibe which radiates positivity and is pure melody to the ears

One of their singles, called ‘Explicit’ is a song that showcases their talent and musical skills. With the peppy and energetic rock guitar and smooth yet beautiful vocals, the way they have combined these different melodies is the reason why people love their music. With a refreshing take on the rock and pop genre, this duo has the potential and the talent to create mesmerizing and gorgeous music.

Filled with passion and desire to create unique and phenomenal melodies, Edge Of Desire’s music explores the depth of harmonies and delivers stunning and addictive tracks.

Creating the core of every song, songwriter and singer Dan Fraser writes catchy, deep and meaningful lyrics while converting them to his gorgeous voice that dwell and fuse perfectly with their amazing music. And combined with Caleb Hartley’s phenomenal bass guitar playing, their music creates an incredible feel and delivers pure bliss and energy which is bound to leave you mesmerized.

With each track featuring new and unique creations, Edge Of Desire is creating some phenomenal music and has shown the competition that they will not rest. With pure passion and dedication to creating beautiful music, they are definitely a music band to look out for. So go ahead and experience their sensational music and dwell into a whole new universe of energetic melodies

Check out Edge Of Desire’s single ‘Explicit’
Check out their Jamma profile here

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