Dean Nelson - Generation Studio

Mon Sep 21 2020

The art of creating music is one that requires talent, passion, and an ear that’s attuned to harmonies. Music producer and owner of Generation Studio, Dean Nelson is an amazing personality with a soul that is infused with melodies and has a passion to create awe-inspiring music.

Brand partner of Jamma and the person behind the rise and creation of Generation Studio, Dean is dedicated to providing rising artists a platform to start their musical career and create opportunities for them. With an amazing skill set and years of experience, he is one of the best music producers out there and can truly create mesmerizing melodies.

Music is a part of Dean’s soul, and being a guitarist himself he has played for Mel C, Christina Cameron, Calum Foad, L., and live karaoke band ‘3 Minute Rockstar’. Dean understands the struggle and challenges an aspiring musician has to face, and keeping that in mind he has created Generation Studio, which provides a perfect setup and stage for new artists to unleash their potential talents.

Since the inception of Generation Studio in 2016, Dean has worked day and night crafting his dream into a reality. With the best and latest audio equipment and technology, Generation Studio can cater to all your musical needs and deliver stellar results.

Creating music requires skill and talent, and being a sound engineer and musician, Dean has mastered the art of creating melodies. And over the course of time, he has worked on tracks that have been featured as Radio 1’s hottest record, numerous plays on BBC Introducing stations and have amassed over 40 million streams online.

With a desire to serve artists and provide the best possible results, Dean has taken Generation Studio to a whole new level and earned a big name and reputation which attracts artists from all around. From providing venues, mixing and mastering to recording and production, Dean has mastered it all and produces stellar results.

As the venue partner of Jamma, Dean and Generation Studio is currently offering a 25% discount to all Jamma registered artists, which is a great opportunity for upcoming artists to showcase their talent and musical creations. With a fire in his soul and a never give up attitude, Dean is definitely on his way to the top. Some of his previous clients include Mura Massa, Hayley Canham, and many more phenomenal artists.

Dean is also an artist manager at KMG and a full member of the Music Producers Guild. Music in the soul can be heard by the universe, and Dean truly radiates positivity and houses an inspiring musical soul.