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We caught up with Jamma blog partner "Dead By Yawn" to give a sneak preview of, here's what they had to say...

Alright, listen up you music hungry bitches (I’m really into calling people ‘bitches’ at the moment) - I’ve got some news for you so you better listen up good. You know when you’re doing what you love for a job but everything in life is shit? That’s because you’re an artist, like myself. You know when you’re smiling and looking in a broken, cocaine engraved bathroom mirror but also simultaneously weeping? That’s because you're poor and have just been played by a promoter yet again and aren’t getting paid for tonight's show. You know when the singer in your band has a meltdown because the bass player is better looking so leaves the band? It’s difficult to even know where to begin to find a replacement isn’t it? Not anymore. Not with the future of the music industry - Jamma.

What’s Jamma, I hear you say? In a nutshell, it’s a creative, music based Linkedin that prioritises every artist needs first. Before profit, it’s the artist and that’s what matters here. Market research strongly suggests that artists aren’t getting paid. This is where Jamma walks into the room with all it’s sassy swagger. An artist friendly, creative-network platform for all artists - where the billy bullshitters of the industry can’t even touch you. And let me tell you, I’ve had my fair share of billy bullshitters and billy bullshitters they still remain.

So, what you do is - create an artist page, or a page for your band, or even multiple pages with a picture of ya’ sexy-ass self and all your information, website links, streaming links, videos etc and you’re good to go. Straight away you’ll be in a universe designed perfectly for the industry. You can also message other artists or promoters through creating a Jamma job spec to look for work or push out jobs. Once you have Jammed together you reconnect online in what is essentially an Uber-like review and reward system to earn your Jamma rating. One of the biggest aspects of Jamma that really sold it to me is that the artist set’s their fee. You have the choice to say your fee is negotiable or you can have your set price. None of this “I’ll give you fifty quid for a two hour set and a packet of pickled onion Monster Munch” - we don’t need your fiddy and your pickley Monster Munch anymore, we got Jamma. What’s perhaps even better than the artist setting their fee is that relevant jobs are automatically pushed to the artist based on their specific criteria. For instance, if I said I was a punk drummer - job’s for bands or events needing a punk drummer would come flying in left right and centre. Jamma also gives out frequent deals, offers and brand partnerships by offering discounts for anything industry based - like studios or advertising. You can start off by having a ‘warm up account’ which does the trick beautifully and more importantly is free..but it does have limited functions on it. For instance, you can’t respond to reviews and can only make up to three connections. I’d suggest getting the ‘rockstar account’ for £6.99 a month - a world of unlimited connectivity, creative freedom and benefits with priority access to events..

Priority to what event’s? Jamma’s events..Jamma has event’s? That’s right bitch. My band, The Crooked 45 actually did a show with Jamma in one of their partner venues and it was sold out! It was such a fun night and I’ve suggested we team up with Jamma for another partner venue night. Before we even played I noticed straight away how well they had promoted the show. There were posters all around that town in targeted areas where people would definitely notice them. The whole night just had a great party atmosphere..and let me tell you something, I like to party with Jamma. There, I said it - sue me. I also smashed up my drum kit but that had nothing to do with Jamma, that’s just me being cool as shit.

The industry has been abused for a fair few years and artists are struggling more than ever, this is why Jamma is so importantly relevant right now. It’s the organisation that the creative world has been crying out for.

On the first of February, Jamma has a sold out hometown launch where "Jambassador" level artist, Marva King [of Prince & The New Power Generation] is playing 3 gigs at 3 independent Jamma venues on 1 night! Marva King has played with the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder - it’s a bit of a biggie, sweetie. If you’re interested in using Jamma, you get a free account from a limited amount of time when attending the launch - no brainer, ey?

So, artists and musicians if you’re going to listen to any of the waffle I say, listen to this: Someone finally gives a shit about you. Jamma is the future of the creative side of the music industry and I’m signing up today. Are you?

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