Fifty Six / 56-58 Rose St, Wokingham, Berkshire, RGO1XU

Wed Jan 15 2020

Fifty Six is set in a modern yet reclaimed chic venue, with a continental, London vibe wine bar offering.

A fine wine driven bar with small plates to complement the liquid in your glass, fully serviced by a well-trained, hand-picked team of professional waiters and bartenders.

Evenings are retreat away from the hassle of the usual pub culture, with full table service. Fifty Six also host regular live music evenings featuring local and international talent.

Fifty Six was host to Jamma's "331" live launch [show 1] on 1st Feb 2020 and hosted an acoustic set by Marva King [previously of Prince & The New Power Generation].

If you are interested in performing at Fifty Six, please contact the Jamma team at [email protected]com