Become a verified Jamma artist

Mon Jan 27 2020

Gaining Jamma verification is a lot like being blue-ticked on Instagram or certified on Twitter. It’s essentially a step up from our rate and review function – giving you an exclusive verified badge to help your artist page(s) stand out from non-verified artists.

Anyone can register to become a verified Jamma member. After we’ve received your request, we’ll kick this process off with a quick email or call and – where possible – a face-to-face meeting. Successful artists will then need to meet the following criteria:

Social media

Jamma will conduct an overall review of artist’s social media accounts – looking for consistency across platforms, number of followers and content in posts – to confirm the identity of each artist.

Live performances

Artists will have performed a minimum of five live events (solo, band or collective group) within the last 12 months.

Positive reviews

Artists will have received at least 15 positive reviews on studio work, live performances, hosted events, or a mixture of all three. These reviews will need to be available to read in the public domain.

Online followers

Artists will have a minimum of 500 followers across one or all of their social media accounts.

Jamma promotion

Verified artists are encouraged to share posts / images of themselves wearing Jamma merchandise (to be provided) and interact with Jamma directly through social media and/or by posting on

Artist connections

Jamma-registered artists will have completed one artist connection with review – following this, a minimum of three artist connections with reviews is required to maintain verification.

Nail all of those? Great! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be one of our verified artists. And that means you’ll have a shiny new badge to show off on your artist page(s), along with some free merch and a Jamma-branded lanyard we’ll send through the post.