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Where words leave off, music begins. Singer and songwriter Amya Ray is one such amazing Jamma artist whose music holds the power to touch your soul and create a mesmerizing experience.

Hailing from Berkshire, Amya is a passionate and dedicated artist, who strives to evolve and create a better version of herself every day.

Her music is a beautiful creation and portrayal of her personal life experiences, which are compressed and poured into aweinspiring tracks.

#Life offers a vivid and dynamic experience every day, and Amya tries to capture and draw out the best from it while creating music that we all can relate to. Along with Amya’s melodious voice, she often uses instruments like the guitar, which complement her stellar voice and adds to the overall charm of the song. ‘Stella’ is one of Amya’s wonderful tracks, in which you can experience her uplifting and beautiful vocals that express pure melody and are bound to captivate you.

Her live performances are truly mesmerizing which portray her true and unfiltered experiences and reveal the hopes, fears, and frustrations of a young woman in the modern world. Music has the power to inspire, change, and spread positivity, and Amya hopes to spread her wonderful musical creations everywhere, so that people can connect and bond with her music.

Being a sessions musician, she has the power and talent to captivate and engage her audience with soul-touching, melodious music. Amya is definitely an incredible artist with a heart and soul of a true musician.

Music is the strongest form of magic, and Amya’s creations are truly magical and addictive. Music was embedded in her life at a very young age as she was fascinated by melodies ranging from classic rock, gospel, R&B, and many more. Driven by a fire in her soul to create breathtaking music, she is one passionate artist who is definitely on the rise. Amya has created a name and place for herself in the constantly challenging and dynamic music industry with her phenomenal and soul-touching tracks. So go ahead and experience her sensational music, and be prepared to dive into a whole new world of exquisite melodies.

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