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A Soul of Melody ‘Chloe Leigh'

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Music is a piece of art, that goes in through the ears leading straight to the heart. Singer and songwriter Chloe Leigh is one such phenomenal Jamma artist, with magical and exquisite music that will take you on a journey of pure love and loss. Chloe has the ability to create divine and blissful music, which touches the soul and soothes the heart. Combining her soulful voice and beautiful guitar playing, she creates songs that will leave you mesmerized and wondering how an artist can create such gorgeous and stellar music. With a heart passionate for music and a writer’s soul within her, she is truly one incredible musician.

Born and brought up in London, music became a part of her life from a very young age, and over time, she has honed her skills and talents. Her musical creations in the indie and pop genre are something that has created a buzz and drawn the attention of everyone. One of her beautiful tracks called ‘Far Too Heavy’ which is part of her wonderful debut EP called ‘In Bloom’ is pure melody and heavenly voice combined. The way she merges her soulful singing with the soft and mellow notes of the guitar is like no other artist, and that is the reason of her music being loved by the masses. Her EP ‘In Bloom’ consists of five breathtakingly incredible tracks and is truly a masterpiece.

The way Chloe pens down and creates lyrics is exquisite and marvelous. Listen closely to her songs and you will experience how beautifully she has poured out and crafted her emotions into amazing lyrics. Her unique style of writing takes inspiration from her Spanish roots, to which she adds a bit of folk, pop, and a hint of Latin flair. Music once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit and never dies. And Chloe’s melodious creations are something that will take your senses on a whole new level, delivering a blissful experience.

Since a very young age, Chloe has been proactively spreading her musical creations throughout the capital and has performed at an extensive range of music festivals and events. With her incredible talents and soulful singing, she has performed at the iconic Glastonbury Festival, 2000 Trees Festival, and Camden’s Roundhouse.

Her musical journey has been truly remarkable and her mesmerizing music has earned her a name and place in the music industry. Most recently, this sessions musician was asked to perform at the Hard Rock’s stage at the Isle of Wight Festival, post the launch of her debut EP ‘In Bloom’. Chloe is a talented artist on the rise, and we can’t wait to see what she has next in store for us. So go ahead and experience her amazing music and experience what a true and passionate musician can create!

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