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We’d love to have you! Here are our five top reasons to jump on board right now and become a Jamma artist.

This industry is tough. Particularly for independent artists. 84% artists struggle to connect with each other and find paid gigs, 88% artists don't get the feedback & recognition they need, 82% don't get paid to gig and are out of pocket and, most importantly, 84% wanted a dedicated platform to help find work and challenge these issues. That is why Jamma was created, and that is what we’re here for. We already have a great network of artists and venues who we’ve helped pair together for some awesome events. 

So, why should you join?

Take the pressure off 

It’s hard finding paid gigs. How do I get noticed & booked? Who can you trust? Is the venue any good? Jamma does the hard work for you, by making it easy for you to find like-minded artists, venues and event organisers. Don’t have a drummer for a gig? Log on to Jamma. Looking for virtual opportunities? We’ve got you covered. Want to explore new opportunities? Just create a profile.

“[We] love that we can have a dedicated page for our band and also individual pages allowing us to advertise ourselves for both solo work and showcase our material as a group. It's also great to be able to find potential new band members and stand in DEP musicians as and when we need them.” - The Crooked 45, Band. 

Get the pay you deserve

This goes back to that all-important stat - a crazy 82% of surveyed independent artists don’t get paid to gig and are left out of pocket. Nothing makes us angrier than talented artists being exploited and betrayed in the industry, so we established Jamma to help prevent it. We partner with trusted values who share our passion for independent values. We provide our artists with advice to avoid being manipulated. Most importantly, we take no commission. You get 100% of your hard-earned money - no funny business. 

“Not only have I found paid work, but I have also been featured on podcasts and various special marketing projects which have been great for exposure, especially in these uncertain times. Jamma also takes 0% commission on anything I earn through the platform, and it's even free to use right now!” - Crystal Harris, Artist. 

Be seen

Exposure, exposure, exposure. All eyes on you. That’s what we like to see. With your Jamma profile, you can upload videos of your music, audio, and photos, to show people what your music is all about. Then, the general public - or event organisers, or venues, or other artists - can search on Jamma and find you for their events. It’s all great exposure. We will also promote everything you’re up to on social media, to showcase you to a wider audience. We have great partnerships with venues all over the UK, so you can perform somewhere entirely new and build an even bigger fan base. When we organise events, we’ll get you signed up. All of this provides Jamma artists with so many opportunities to be seen. 

“As an artist it's been great and they really helped me to push my latest single. As a 'Jambassador; they sent me a ton of free merch and personalised business cards and paid for me to check out gigs in my region to sign up artists and venues! I also was invited to perform on their professionally filmed podcast series, 'The Jamma Show' which was not only great fun but also a great way to get my music out to my fans!” - Jay Bellamy, Jambassador.

Not a tech nerd? No worries

Our motto is ‘Workin’ Smarter, Jammin’ Harder!’ - we want to make it so much easier for you to find more paid gigs. Because of this, Jamma is super easy to use. Your profile practically builds itself for you, and you can get started right away. It’s simple to search for others, and it’s simple for others to find you. And - to let you in on a secret - it’s all about to get even easier, with a new platform on the horizon packed with even more features. 

“Since going live I have used the website to build an artist page and upload all my content as well as connect to find paid gigs! It's super easy to use and they have always been there to support me whenever needed.” - Crystal Harris, Artist. 

It’s free! 

The best bit! To help independent artists out during these tough times, it’s free to create a membership right now and access all features and functionalities. So, you can earn money from gigs and events, with no heavy subscription fees cutting into your pay packet. 

Our ethos centres around keeping independent music alive and allowing artists to do what they love - in the pandemic and beyond. So, we’re keeping Jamma free right now to make that easier, and we’ll be here when it’s over to continue supporting artists. 

If we’ve won you round, you can create an account right now here.   If you have any questions or queries, just shoot them over to us at [email protected]

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