11 Facebook Groups Musicians Need To Join Right Now

Tue Feb 09 2021

How to use your Jamma profile in Facebook groups to find even more gigs and opportunities.

I bet you’re thinking, why are Jamma Music telling me to find gigs and opportunities via Facebook? Well, as you know,  we’re Jamma, the pro-artist platform. Although we have many gigs available and great exposure opportunities here on our platform, we also want to make you aware of the opportunities available to you to make sure you get the most out of your career in the music industry. 

These groups are filled with an inspiring network of individuals with one goal; keeping music alive. Although each group has their own set of rules, there are definitely great ways to get yourself heard and seen using your profile on our platform - think of it almost like your CV for gigs.

Here’s a list of Facebook groups we recommend you as a musician joining if you haven’t already:

🎸 Hype Promotions & Networking - 8.4K Members

This Facebook group has been created for networking between bands, promoters, venues and labels. Share any content with this group. We recommend shouting about your latest singles, covers or even asking for feedback on your album’s artwork.

🎸 Gigs North East - 3.9K Members

Anyone putting on a night in the North East can post their event here. Add your friends, their friends and so on. Share each other's events and support live music in the North East!

🎸 UK GIGS, BANDS & PROMOTERS - 13.8K Members

If you’re looking for paid work across the UK then this is the place for you. There are new job postings daily with opportunities across a different range of artists and bands - so whether you're down to rock or fancy punking out, you can find the right occasion for your brand.

🎸 Rock Bands , Promoters , Booking Agents! - 7.1K Members

This is about Rock Bands and Rock Promoters. Rock Managers and Rock Booking Agents can leave their contact information so Band Agents and managers can connect. If you are managing, promoting or working in a Rock Band, you can use this group to post events and network with the goal to gain maximum exposure to your content.

🎸 Bands, Promoters, Gigs UK #noblock - 2.1K Members

Use this group for anything music-related! This group is filled with industry professionals and music lovers, so feel free to get chatting and make some new friends.

🎸 Band Promotion UK (Southern) - 2.7K Members

A chance to self-promote creative talent across the southern UK. Add your band mates and favourite groups. This one’s a little stricter, so remember no spam adverts allowed!

🎸 Dep Musicians in London- 21.8K Members

This group is for anyone looking for musicians or bands: anything related to music jobs, musicians, bands needed or deps are allowed.

Self promotion is not allowed in this group as all other posts like spam/advertising will be deleted to keep this group clean and beneficial to musicians and bands. So if you’re somebody that isn’t a massive fan of marketing, this might just be for you.

🎸 Dep Musicians in the UK - 50.3K Members

For musicians, crew, sound and lighting engineers who want to be informed of work available, and all those who regularly are in need of professional deps musicians and sound people - I'd recommend starting here.

🎸 Musicians Wanted/needed UK no ads - 13.1K Members

This group is musicians wanted/needed only. As you can tell by the group’s title, ads are not allowed in this group. With 12,990 total members, you can say this group is definitely popping with opportunities and will not be filling your timeline with fluff.


If you’re in the south of the UK and looking for local work then this community group may be up your street. They’ve recently updated their policy to remove all spam and advertising to keep content focused to providing local independent performers the chance to find what’s important to them.

🎸 England is Alive With Music - 20.2K Members

Feel alive as you unite with 20.2K members - all of which love the music industry.

ENGLAND IS ALIVE WITH MUSIC (EIAWM) is a group for self-promotion by England based unsigned talent (musicians and singers). Musicians not based in England can join the group but cannot use EIAWM to promote anything other than gigs/tours in England.

Promoters from outside England (e.g. Festival organisers), who wish to generate interest from musicians and singers to participate in events outside England may advertise with full information on how musicians and singers can apply to feature in their events.

As an artist, band or singer, how can you use your Jamma profile for maximum exposure in Facebook community groups?

  • Build your profile and add artist & band pages

    • Let everyone know your gig rates quickly - Hourly and set prices

    • Share your location

    • Shout about your skills as an artist in the music industry

    • Upload a biography and share some personality with the world!

  • Upload your tracks, videos or share your latest YouTube content - Let prospective bookers hear your sound - and it’s great for exposure!

  • Share and keep your reviews in one place

Using your Jamma Profile link you can quickly provide any event managers, producers or public enquiries access to your content and information to secure bookings even faster than before.

If you would like to understand more about how our platform works, read about our latest article; What is a Rockstar Membership and Why Should You Use It? Here.

What if you’re not in a band, or aren’t a musician or a singer?

Think of Jamma as the place for all of your entertainment needs. Whether it’s finding deps to fill in for last-minute dropouts, liaising with promoters, or finding a band to play at your wedding – networking and publicising your existence is critical. Our platform allows you to do just that. Simply find an artist or band using our filters, view their gig rates and either post your job for artists to apply for or share the opportunity with your chosen musician.

If you would like to find an artist or band for your event then post it here on Jamma - first just create an account.