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Born in Lisbon, made in Manchester, it is this journey that transformed Miguel Cristovao into Nova Wave the rapper/singer/producer. Nova Wave’s transition from a young boy on the streets of Portugal to an up and coming Manchester musician had it’s obstacles, but it was in those obstacles that Nova Wave was born. The combination between Nova’s musical ability and tireless work ethic has allowed him to explore a variety of different genres and styles, it is this fluidity that makes him the special talent he is, blurring the lines between Hip-Hop and Indie Pop ensuring his sounds vary from song to song allowing him to express his creative vision however he sees fit and not be tied down by a specific genre. His switch-up between genres can mostly be put down to his vast array of different influences musically throughout his life, his inspirations include the likes of Kid Cudi, Kevin Parker, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kanye West, Tom Misch, Dr Dre, Harry Styles etc. It’s this mashup of music that inspires him to push his music to new places with every new release, whether it be heavily inspired rap track to a mellow indie record there is never the same old same old with Nova Wave, it is perhaps this that is his strongest asset. At just 23 years of age he is growing into the artist he is destined to become each and every day, from hitting 10K streams in his first year of music, performing all over Manchester to being played on various local radios and even radio play on a digital US radio station, his growth is sure to continue. It is not only his own music he is working tirelessly on, but he also produces for other artists. He has producing and writing credits on a vast variety of different artists across the globe including Gxnzo, Rootz, J Lizzy, The Omnis Collective and more.

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