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London Rock Shows

From £50/gig

London, Greater London

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Welcome to London Rock Shows, a new enterprise that puts our musicians first and not the demands of venues or promoters. Yeah, yeah, heard it all before we hear you say. BUT … we are a group of musicians, and live music lovers ourselves, so the ethos behind the new business is on a totally different achievement level before we even start our shows. Ethos Well, for starters we are a company that works with our venues and partners to actually promote the events that we organise. We use all social media platforms as well as a ‘get out there and promote’ approach to all our shows. We expect our bands to do the same as us. Social media and fan bases are powerful tools, as is word of mouth, so you will be expected to get your elbows stuck right in! Just as important for London Rock Shows is the importance of matching bands like with like. We’ve all experienced playing on bills that include different genres to the music we play. Well, we are aiming to promote all our shows with rock-based acts. We appreciate that there are genres within genres, so careful consideration will be given to our shows in terms of what category of rock you are. And finally, that taboo of our industry, payment. All bands in our shows will be paid an appearance fee. The amount of fee will be based upon three criteria, the length you play, where you play on the bill of the show and how tickets sales are for the event .

Alternative Rock Experimental Rock Indie Rock Rock Prog Rock

Customer reviews

I met the Jamma crew at a gig in Manchester, and after getting to know them was invited to be the regional 'Jambassador' for Essex, UK. As an artist it's been great and they really helped me to push my latest single. As a 'Jambassador; they sent me a ton of free merch and personalised business cards and pay for me to check out gigs in my region to sign up artists and venues! I also was invited to perform on their professionally filmed podcast series, 'The Jamma Show' which was not only great fun but also a great way to get my music out to my fans!

Jay Bellamy

We have recently signed up to Jamma and love that we can have a dedicated page for our band and also individual pages allowing us to advertise ourselves for solo work and showcase our material as a group and as separate band members. It's also great to be able to find potential new band members and stand in DEP musicians as and when we need them

The Crooked 45

I registered with Jamma before the launch and I was lucky enough to perform at their '331' launch event. Since going live I have used the website to build an artist page and upload all my content as well as connect to find paid gigs! It's super easy to use and they have always been there to support me whenever needed. Not only have I found paid work, but I have also been featured on podcasts and various special marketing projects which have been great for exposure, especially in these uncertain times. Jamma also takes 0% commission on anything I earn through the platform, and it's even free to use right now!

Crystal Harris


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