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JAMMA ARTIST: SYNCR OPPORTUNITY - A new, gripping horror TV show is on it's way to HBO Max! The series follows a diverse group of individuals who, through a twist of fate, find themselves drawn together to confront the escalating horrors plaguing their town. Each character brings their own unique skills, backgrounds, and vulnerabilities, making them a formidable, albeit unconventional, team. Music Tone and Style: We are seeking a mix of original compositions and existing tracks that effectively complement the horror and suspense elements of the show. The soundtrack should be capable of immersing viewers in the eerie atmosphere of the series and heightening their emotional engagement. Music should be atmospheric, suspenseful, and haunting, heightening the tension and enhancing the overall sense of dread. It should evoke a sense of foreboding and unease, creating an immersive experience for viewers. The soundtrack should incorporate a mix of ambient soundscapes, eerie melodies, and occasional bursts of intense, adrenaline-pumping music during pivotal moments. IMPORTANT NOTE: TO APPLY VISIT: *YOU MUST USE CODE 'JAMMA' WHEN SIGNING UP FOR 1 MONTH FREE-PRO AT SYNCR TO QUALIFY FOR CONSIDERATION FOR THIS JOB*


To be negotiated


29 Nov 2023


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