Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions before you start Jammin'? Have a read of our FAQs below.
What is Jamma?
An artist-to-artist platform that connects all kinds of people in the music industry to one another. It means everybody has a quick and easy way to get in touch and Jamm with one another.
Who uses it?
Anyone involved in the music industry: artists, singers, venue hosts, MDs or fans. We want to give everyone the opportunity to share their love for music.
Why do they use it?
Our motto is 'Workin' Smarter, Jammin' Harder'!. In other words, you can use our site to connect with other artists – building up your reputation by working with them and reviewing one another. By doing so, you’ll find more work, gain more fans and get paid more money. It’s that simple.
Other people in the music or creative industry can use Jamma, too – whether they’re looking to hire a band for a gig, connect with likeminded artists, or simply attend one of the many Jamma Live! events or mixer parties.
So it’s free?
We’re currently in the beta stage, which means we’re offering full Rockstar access, for free, to everyone for the time being. Once we’re fully up and running, you’ll have two options to choose from: (1) You can continue to use Jamma for free, with some limited functionality (2) You can become a Rockstar member and access all the services you know and love (£6.99 per month or £49.99 annually).
And remember, we take no commission from any of our members. What you earn is what you take home.
How do I get in touch?
We’d love to hear from you! Simply email the team at
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