Everyman Everyjam Could Be Coming to a Cinema Near You

Wed Mar 03 2021
We’re hoping to bring our virtual concert, our Everyman Everyjam event, to more Everyman cinemas!

The Impact of Brexit on the Music Industry

Wed Feb 17 2021
Touring, gigs, festivals; what effect is Brexit going to have on UK and EU musicians this year

5 Key Reasons To Join Jamma

Thu Mar 04 2021
We’d love to have you! Here are our five top reasons to jump on board right now

Jamma Presents - 'The Everyman, Everyjam!'

Sun Aug 15 2021
Jamma launch national partnership with Everyman!

The Big Jambassador Update

Mon Jun 22 2020
A post COVID-19 update for Jambassadors