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An artist-to-artist platform, Jamma is your home for all things music. Have a look around and start to connect with other artists, scout out your favourite venues, be part of Jamma Live! events, hear what the public thinks of your sound and connect with brand partners for member exclusive offers and deals!

Here's How it Works


Why Sign Up?

It really doesn’t matter what your role is in the music or creative industries, you can create your own online profile, upload studio tracks and showcase your live performances.

Connect With Artists

Search for – and be found by – other artists, fans and venue partners quickly and easily.You can also head to the Jamma Blog and read about exclusive brand discounts, popular venues, and more.

Book New Talent

Got an upcoming gig, event or any other occasion? Browse and book the very best talent directly through Jamma. Make sure you keep up with Jamma Live – our regular events and mixer parties – in your local area, too!

Rate & Review

Boost your Jamma reputation and work towards becoming a verified member by connecting with fans and Jammin’ with other artists – reading and sharing reviews on one another.
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