"Issa Vibe", by Sayonne

Thu Jan 16 2020

Jamma & Double XXPosure present the new single from Sayonne, "Issa Vibe", exclusively avaialble through JammaMusic.com

With an indefatigable work schedule since June of 2017, she has released "Twenty One" to digital streams worldwide and is readying us for her latest with current event related messages to uplift, entertain and inspire.


After closing out last year with a hit show Off-Broadway, Sayonnemoved into her latest release in January 2018.“Twenty One” (streaming worldwide) brings her motivating messagecurrent with today's headlines adding hope for the new age.Entering 2018, already a veteran in the field and yet vibrant withfresh ideas, her primary focus is now on music solely with her owncompany 5 Bars Records Inc.With a music veteran's resume and a slew of compelling singlesunder her belt, the vocal powerhouse that is SAYONNE is set to stimulate the airwaves in 2018 with a followup collection of freshsongs, all personally written and produced.

As a musical theater star since 2011, she just completed the Off Broadway attraction, "Sister Act" as Deloris Van Cartier.

Although multi-disciplined and driven to all aspects of performingarts, this year the focus is on bringing her ever-growing fan basemore music. Her own music.Singer/Songwriter/Producer and Actress Sayonne (bornStephanie Courtney), honed her brilliant gifts from the age ofthree when called to perform her first musical ministry at herhometown, Brooklyn church. As both she and her vocal prowessgrew, so did her audience as other churches throughout theregion recruited the vocal prodigy to come sing.

In this way, shedeveloped the pure soul essence that underpins whatever genreshe touches. Throughout high school, she became attracted toother forms of music.

With her parents originally from Trinidad & Tobago, she was further enlightened by soca and other suchCaribbean influences but had yet to come into her own sound.

At just the age of twelve, she was already in the studio on herfirst album, a gospel collection entitled, Lord Just Me and You,with hymn covers written and produced for her by MarcReddick, with the exception of “I Need You” which she wroteherself. Songwriting was an incredible feat at that age, howeveruntil her team felt safe with her growth in the area, they chosenot to take any chances with her skills. However, workingclosely with professional producers and writers helped Sayonnelearn the discipline and practice that goes into the craft.

By her junior year in high school, her singing was secondary to herpursuit of a future career in nursing.In addition to extracurricular's like the band (although ironically never chorus). where she played alto sax, sheotherwise focused on accelerated studies in chemistry andpsychology in preparation for college.

Yet once again her voiceattracted a teacher who encouraged her to audition for theschool musical, “Little Shop of Horrors.” after winning the roleof Crystal, she gained her first taste of what her true futurewould hold.

Still, she set her mind on attending the College ofMount Saint Vincent in New York with her eyes on a degree innursing, with music sidelined as a hobby.