Meet our Jambassadors

Wed Aug 11 2021

What is Jambassador?

Are you an artist or perhaps you just love independent live music? If so, then our ‘Jambassador’ programme will be right up your street. We are building a network of ‘Jambassadors’ across the UK who are part of the Jamma family. As a ‘Jambassador’ you will be responsible for managing your region and checking out gigs, venues and artists (on us!) to spread the Jamma word. We will provide you with everything you need to get out there - from relevant Jamma factsheets, to free merch and even your own business cards. The idea is that we all grow together as a collective and have a great time while doing it! You will be responsible for researching gigs in your area and telling us what you want to attend and we’ll grab you a ticket, give the venue a call to let them know you are coming and the rest is over to you, so get out there and get Jammin’!