Jamma Partners with NY based DoubleXXPosure Media!

Fri Mar 27 2020

Jamma are proud to announce our partnership with New York based Double XXPosure Media & Artist Relations!

Check out the press release below, and key an eye on our blog for updates and news about this exciting partnership...


Double XXPosure Media Partners With UK-based Artist Platform Jamma, Presents Artist Sayonne

Mar. 25, 2020 / NEW YORK -- Angelo A. Ellerbee, founder and president of the US-based Double XXposure Artist Development and Media Relations, is proud to announce his collaboration with the UK-headquartered firm Jamma, a phenomenal networking artist-to-artist platform.

Mr. Ellerbee shares in the excitement of working in partnership with Jamma, which will allow musicians here in the states to connect with artist and performance opportunities in England. Ellerbee has shaped and guided the music and film careers of artists such as Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Dionne Warwick, Carl Anthony Payne, DMX DruHill, Ginuwine, Ronald Isley, Nina Simone, Mtume, Shabba Ranks, the Marelys and Big Daddy Kane.

As he celebrates fifty years in music and entertainment, Mr. Ellerbee takes great pride in introducing R&B artist Sayonne to the UK market. She is an innovator – edgy, yet classic and fashion forward - with extraordinary stage presence that will leave you thirsting for more. Ellerbee states that he is romantically in love with Sayonne's energy, vocal style and her work ethic to get the job done.

Take a look at what Angelo Ellerbee has to say about Jamma registered artist, "Sayonne" in the video below.

Based in the UK, Jamma is, according to their website, an artist-to-artist platform that connects all kinds of people in the music industry to one another. By using the site, artists & creatives can connect with one another to find paid work, build exposure and be a part of the Jamma Live! events. Others within the music industry can use Jamma as well – from venue bookers and radio programmers to partner brands– to seek artists for gigs, airplay and/or marketing. Recently, Jamma hosted the successful sold out launch of their 3-3-1 Series – where musicians play three gigs each at three different venues on one night.

For more information regarding Jamma, log onto www.JammaMusic.com or email [email protected]

Interview inquiries are welcome. Contact Angelo Ellerbee – [email protected] www.dxxnyc.com

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